Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review: Maybelline White Stay UV Base SPF 35 PA +++ (Violet)

I am a fan of Maybelline, because its products are all allergy tested, they work, and most of all, they are affordable. Most of my makeup is from Maybelline, and this erm "new" little baby is not an exception at all. I put quote marks on the word new, because it wasn't that new, so to speak. I got it about last year, November, I think, when my aunt went to Sasa to get some stuff and they threw it in. We stared at it for the longest time not knowing what it was for, but after a long, long while, we figured that it was a base to be used before foundation to make the application smoother, and it is used to correct yellow skin undertones, which I sorta have. 
This is how it looks like, the bottle, and a tiny little swatch of it. (Taylor's students, please do not gawk if you happen to see that I took the photos in the Web of TCSJ. It's nothing, really). 

Maybelline says:
The first step to perfect your makeup finish. Instantly enhances skin's natural luminosity and provides natural radiance all day. 

Wow, improve my radiance?? Make foundation application easier? Hmmm....

Please reminded that this is a base is not a primer, in that it does NOT shrink your pores, or mattify your oily skin. It just makes foundation and the other stuff, "more luminous", and its a purple sunblock. Well, at least its what I think it is. 

The problem with this thing that its quite runny and watery. But if you get past that, it works, pretty well, I guess? The fun part is that you have to shake the bottle, and it sounds kinda like liquid paper when you do that. hehehehe.

Does it work? Erm, I can't really answer that, since I do not really know what it is for. Foundation application has always been a breeze for me, because I use the Everyday Minerals Matte, and Maybelline's Angelfit liquid foundation (I alternate between the two each day, please do not misunderstand!). The latter has been less finicky now that I'm already used to it. My skin did not appear "luminous" at all, yada yada yada. And it made my forehead feel oily, but when I blotted it, there were only minimal amounts of shine... 0.0 But strangely, I swatched on my blush on the back of my hand just to see how it can preserve color, since you can't see foundation, and I no longer carry eyeshadows with me. ^.^ For the photos below, the flash ones are above and the non-flash ones are below. As for the swatches, the one with the UV base is the one above.

(10 AM)
(12 PM)

(2 PM)

You know what, I think the base actually accelerated the fading process... Haih.. You can't have everything, yes? In the end, I really use this as a sunblock thingy. ^.^ I know, I have been going through a little sunblock craze. I've even added it to my skincare routine!! Yayness. I swear, I got fairer!!

Pros: Sunblock that neutralizes yellow undertones, what's not to like?
Cons: Does practically nothing as a base. Not to be confused with primer. Does not prolong color.

Repurchase: I won't, but frankly, I did not purchase it to begin with. If ya get me drift.

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