Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bish-Inspired FOTD: Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki)

Cho Hakkai!!!! Oh My GAWD, I love this guy to bits, and he puts the word ‘kick’ into "kickass”, I kid you not! Handsome and charming, this guy is one guy that you do not want to mess with.


Yes, for those of you who are Mandarin literate, you can almost guess that his name is 猪八戒,  but he’s totally different from the original in Journey to the West. Just look at him! (*Melts*)

But don’t let the calm exterior fool you, this guy is just as sadistic and evil as the next guy, and I mean it. He killed 1000 Youkai to save his lover (and sister, according to the manga, but the Japanese are more…. understanding), and becoming one of them. And as a Youkai, Hakkai has to wear limiters, which are the three metal cuffs on his, er, left ear, which retains his human appearance and limits his Youkai powers (or Youryouku). When he takes them off, what you get is Hakkai with vine-like markings all over him, which can turn into actual vines to be used in combat (Even a Worm ACT 18 in the Saiyuki Reload manga). Oh yeah, before I forget, Hakkai is extreme good at drinking and gamling, a common gag in the series being that no one has ever seen Hakkai drunk, ever.

(Another reason why I love him so much is because of his voice. Its so sexy and soothing, somehow, hahaha. Akira Ishida is the seiyuu that you should be looking up if you’re interetested. ^.^)

So, for this look, I used my Original Clinique palette, hehehhehehe. And before you look at Hakkai’s picture and scream at me: ENOUGH WITH THE GREENS AND BROWNS!!! Let me tell you that this time, I did it a little bit differently, haha. (And let’s face it, I do not have enough eyeshadows, hahaha).

Hakkai Closed 1

See? Something different! I used a dark blue for the Outer V and the crease, according to Hakkai’s character design as well.

What I did was to take a shimmering green color to use as a base color for all over my lid, and under the crease, because Hakkai’s eyes are green in color. Next, I took a pencil brush and swept in some brown layered over the green. For the inner corners, I used a shimmering peachy-pink color, and a vanilla color for highlight.

The blue corresponds to the dark hue of Hakkai’s eyes, which are a deep blue-green, while the brown is for the slacks he always wear, and his hair color. Also, I think that these colors fit him well, because he seems more of a neutral person. However, when provoked, his Ki blasts would do the talking for him.

Without further ado, here are the other photos of the look:

Hakkai Closed 2

Hakkai Opened 1

Hakkai Opened 2

Colors used: Clinique Eyes to Go Palette:

Highlight: 01 French Vanilla (below brow) 04 Pink Shade of Starberry Fudge Duo (inner corners)

Crease and Outer V: Dark Blue Shade of Mystic Blue Duo

Base and Lid: 08 Sparkling Sage.

Have a nice Sunday!

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