Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bish-inspired FOTD: Son Goku (Saiyuki)

Ahem. When I say Son Goku, I do not mean the Son Goku from Dragon Ball that goes: KAME-KAME-HA! And goes all around the place flying in that yellow cloud. Nor do I mean 孙悟空, the Monkey King that we love in them TVB Dramas (Benny Chan and Dicky Cheung!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!). As much as I loved the Journey to the West dramas, the Son Goku that I am portraying here, is this little guy:



Ok, so here’s a little back story. 500 years ago, a being was born from the energies of Heaven and Earth, the Seiten Taisei which is “sung as the legend of total chaos and woe” according to the manga. Hence, the Gods placed a specialized limiter around his head (the gold diadem in the pic), to limit his destructive powers. In fact, with it on, he’s just a regular kid.

While I cannot tell you what happened next in order to keep the spoilers for the entire Saiyuki series, I can tell you that Goku is a natural fighter, and is pretty much the Joker in the Saiyuki series, yes, he is that powerful. Besides that, he eats a lot, and has strong bonds with the other three main characters.

As you can tell, Goku has golden eyes, which is quite significant in the series, and I decided to play with that color. So, this look has a strong gold base. And to keep up with his character design, I smoked out the gold with some black. The result is this:

Goku Opened 1

I took the brown elements of Goku’s look and used it as a blending color and a highlight as well.

Goku Closed 2

As you can see, the outer V is defined with black, shiny eyeshadow, which is fairly easy to find, and the “sharp” part of the outer V is swept inwards to blend. As for the crease, I used a shimmery bronze color. The gold, which acts as the base and lid color is also used to highlight the inner corners of the eyes.

Goku Opened 2

Goku Closed 1

If you prefer a more defined crease, like I do, I would suggest that you pull the black eyeshadow used for the Outer V into the crease before the crease color. Hehehe, as you can see, I forgot to blend the line out in my, erm, left eye. Sorry!



The colors I used are from this palette, better known as my Fake Clinique palette.

(Base/highlight/lid): Gold [Top row, fourth from left)

(Outer V/crease): Shimmering black [Bottom row, second from right]

(Crease/Smoke color): Shimmering bronze/copper [Top row, extreme right)

(Under brows): Brown [Second row, extreme right)]


Hope y’all liked it!

Saiyuki Information can be obtained in the Saiyuki Wiki.

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