Thursday, October 28, 2010

FOTD: Fall 2010 Purple, Gold and Red!

Fall. As “diverse” and “creative” as the world of fashion is, I’ll summarize it to you in a few items (as jaded as this 19 year-old aspiring warzone/fashion editor can be).

1) Leggings (Have been here for MANY, MANY seasons)

2) Booties (I still have not gotten meself a pair)

3) Purple whatever. (Trench coats, scarves, jackets, shoes, etc…)

4) Military Jackets (Since last year… I MISS YOU MJ!!!)

5) Gold whatever… (See purple)

6) Red lips, with minimal eye makeup. (i.e. go easy on the eyeliner)

Have you guessed what elements does this FOTD have?

You guessed it! It’s Purple, Gold and Red!

Fall 2010 Face

This is one of the few days when I go “all out” with the makeup, ahahaha ^.^ Yes, I know, I'm getting onto the whole “red lips” thing. Muahahaha!!

Fall 2010 Open 1

Fall 2010 Close 1

There’s purple on the lids, and gold on the crease. And let me tell you, there are so many shades of purple that you can use! I used two of mine. ^.^

As always, pat the lighter shade on the inner half of the eyelid, the deeper shade on the outer half, and swipe a darkish color on the crease with circular motions. Very, very easy. Finish off with brown eyeliner close to the lashline, and a generous amount of mascara.

Fall 2010 Open 2

Fall 2010 Close 2

Here’s the full-faced picture without flash:

Fall 2010 Face No Flash

You know, I likey this look. It’s wearable, yet not so much that it’s over the top. ^.^

Products used:


Elianto 10 Palette

Inner half  of eyelid – Bottom right purple.

Outer half of eyelid – Upper center purple

Crease: Shimmery bronze/gold (Pic below)

Sephora 51 Open


Clinique Superfit foundation in No 66.

MAC Blot Powder to set.

MAC blush in Peaches on cheekbones, lightly.

Lips: Clinique Long Last Soft Shine in All Heart

Whew, tomorrow’s Friday! Finalleh!

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