Monday, August 22, 2011

400000 hits! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! (And a little note…)

Wow, that is another milestone indeed.

I thank you, my darlings, for all the support I’ve received thus far.

This time, special thanks gets to my dear reader, S, who has delivered a certain package (that I will notify you lovelies of soon) that made my life so much easier (and my budget too).

However, I do have a spot of bad news to report to you.

I am now currently way, way behind on a Business Law assignment (not my doing, I had two assignments before this one, which I’ve just handed in this morning), and will not post anything until I’m done with that.

My absence would persist perhaps until after the Eid holidays (or Raya season in Malaysia or Singapore) because I’ll be heading off to Vietnam for a little family vacation.

Oh, and I have got a new camera. ^.^ It’s a Samsung NX 100, and I’m taking my time to get well-acquainted with it. So yeah.

I’m very, very sorry that I can’t be updating as often as I would like, I really am.

Well, ta for now! Happy Eid ul-Fitr (or Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin) to all my Muslim friends!


  1. Congratulations on garnering so many hits!! *throws confetti in the air* Aww thank you for the mention! *hug* Have a good time in Vietnam, good luck with that assignment of yours and heres to many many holiday photos taken with that spanking new camera of yours! =p xx

  2. ^.^ Thanks dear. *hugs back*

    Frankly speaking, that camera doesn't like me as much as the Alpha 33. >.<

    *goes back to assignments*

  3. Aww... Anyway of bribing Papa / Mama Kee into getting you a new Alpha? *wink* tell them you want your Christmas present to arrive early! =p

    *runs back to dissertation*

    sheesh both our lives are quite sad, aren't they? constantly revolves around DREADED ASSIGNMENTS!

  4. HAH GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. I'll have to make do with this baby until bro graduates to a full DSLR.

    And yes, assignments be the bane of me. We shall relieve each other's stress, yes?


Please say anything, I love to get feedback so I can do more to improve! ^.^


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