Saturday, August 6, 2011

FOTD: Time For This Goth To Get A Little… Sparkly.

FOTDs are a dime a dozen for me by now, but I realized that I’ve only done a handful of various colorful smokey eyes in the past, but never the true “smokey eye” the color of… ahem… smoke, which is grey/black. To add a little bit of interest, I made it “sparkly”.

I decided to name this FOTD: Sparkly Goth, in which I go goth with heavily lined eyes along with a smokey look, as opposed to Happy Goth and its various variations (basically brown and pink with eyeliner).

Also, do visit tutorial from if you’re not cleare about the how-to. I got the inspiration for this FOTD there.

Sparkly Goth Open I 

The key to this look is a black base. Just take any eyeliner you have that’s black and slap it onto your eyelid area. Make sure you blend out the edges or you’ll be able to see it through the eyeshadow in later stages.

Next, pat a black eyeshadow of any kind over the base you’ve applied earlier. It can be a matte black or a sparkly black, it’s really up to you. I went for a matte black.

Sparkly Goth Close I

Next, take a silver color, the brightest one you have, and layer it over the black. You can go crazy at this stage. I know I did.

Sparkly Goth Close II

(Oopps, had a lil falsie mishap on my left eye, sorry, folks!)

And now for the hard part. Blending. You’ll be having quite the line where your crease is, and it WILL be difficult to blend out if the black eyeshadow you use is highly pigmented. My advice is to get a color that is close to your skintone and work slowly and patiently. Just make sure that the color is matte, as the look is already shimmery.

Also, highlight your browbone with any highlight color of your choice. When you’re done with that, layer your lower lashline with the black eyeshadow you’ve used previously with the silver. Don’t go too low if you don’t want to look like a panda!

Sparkly Goth Open II

What’s left to do now is to poke any eyeliner pencil into your favorite, trusty gel liner and line your upper and lower waterlines. Don’t bother lining the upper lashline, because you won’t be able to see it anyways.

Plunk some falsies on, and you’re done for the eyes!

OWH, and a quick tip. When working with dark looks like these, I suggest applying concealer and foundation AFTER you’ve done the eyes to avoid fallout ruining whatever base makeup you have.

We now have the lips and cheeks left, and I have two options for you. One is the “safe route”, and one is the “vamp route.”

But first, in both lipstick choices, I’ve contoured my face with brozner and that’s pretty much it for the cheeks. I’ll leave the rest of the drama for the lips, heh heh.

Sparkly Goth Face Coral

The common consensus is to wear a neutral lip color when your eyes are so intense. Hence, I wore this coral lipstick for the “safe route”. ^.^ My lips are very, very pigmented, and does NOT have the color of my skin at all, so, most soft pinks and corals actually work like nude shades for me. If you have light lips, then go for nudes.

Sparkly Goth Face Red

On the other hand, since goth makeup traditionally consists of dark eyes and red lips, I say go with the dark red lips. ^.^Besides, we Asian girls are not so pale that these colors look so stark on us like our Caucasian brothers and sisters, heh heh.

So there you have it, Sparkly Goth, and the two ways to wear it. Have a great weekend, guys!

Products Used -


  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink (Base + Eyeliner)
  • Tarte the Jewelry Box Eyeshadow No 30 (matte black)
  • Tarte the Jewelry Box Eyeshadow No 25 (blending, skin-colored)
  • Tarte the Jewelry Box Eyeshadow No 1 (champagne highlight)
  • Elianto Silver Eyeshadow
  • Daiso False Lashes


“Safe route” = Revlon Colorstay Soft and Smooth in Creamy Coral

“Vamp route” = Shiro Cosmetics Intertube in Three Wolf Moon


  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 310 Warm Golden
  • MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden.

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