Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Deepavali!! And an FOTD from My Model and I!

Yes, yes, I am now a famed beauty blogger, and I have acquired myself a model! She’s a total diva, and demands to have her requisite Mamee Monster (baked noodle snacks) and seaweed snacks during makeup time too. Haih. What can I do? I’m using her face and her mother’s camera…

Everybody, meet Ooi Mei Mei! My youngest cousin on my mother’s side!

Mei Mei Deepavali Day Face

Ain’t she the cutest angel? She has curly hair just like Mama Daforcena and I too!

Anyways, we’ll move to Deepavali now.

Deepavali is known as the Festival of Lights, and is an Indian holiday celebrated by all Indians. You can find more about it here. In Malaysia, Deepavali is celebrated in grandeur alike that of Eid and Chinese New Year Malls, schools, offices are decorated with oil-lanterns and also kolams, which are pictures drawn with colored rice.

Today, my model will show you how I would do a Deepavali FOTD, which predominantly uses purple and a slight beige-gold. Heehee!

Mei Mei Deepavali Night Close II

First, apply a purple base color all over the eyelid, right till the crease. Make sure that you blend out the edges.

Once you’ve done that, layer a shimmery  light gold/beige/cream over the purple base. This will give the look a golden sheen. Don’t worry, just pack it on.

Next, you want to apply a powdered purple eyeshadow over it. This will make it look like a royal purple sari (saree) with golden embroidery.

Darken the outer corner with a little black eyeshadow on the outer v, and smudge the lashlines as well.

Mei Mei Deepavali Night Open I

Smudge the lower lashline with a dark pencil of your choice. I chose a soft black kohl (because our Grandma will SCREAM at me because it’s so late already and I had to get it off ASAP) and blended it with the same purple powdered eyeshadow.

Mei Mei Deepavali Night Open II

Apply mascara to your lashes, both upper and lower, and you’re done for the eyes!

Mei Mei Deepavali Night Face

Since she’s such a small girl, I used only a hint of blush and a lipgloss. Luckily, Grandma said that she looks pretty!

Yes, kiddies, if you want to play dress-up with your older cousins, this is the look to go for!

Happy Deepavali from the both of us. We’re taking the whole day to go out, just me, Ooi Mei Mei and her mom!

(I’m spending the week in my grandmother’s place because my parents are having a holiday in Bangkok hehehehe)

See ya!

Products Used:

Eyes -

  • Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Stiletto
  • Elianto Fair Lady Eyeshadow (Shimmering purple)
  • Elianto Light gold/cream eyeshadow (layered highlight)
  • Elizabeth Arden Kohl Pencil in Kohlberry (lower lashline)
  • Rimmel Sexy Curves Full Figure Mascara (to be reviewed soon)

Lips -

  • Maybelline Color Sensational lipgloss (shimmering fuchsia)

Face -

  • Elianto Gel Blush 02 (Peachy pink will do. I did not review this because it’s discontinued)

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  1. Hi Hanny

    Finally we met at Paris's party. Just to let u know that I am hosting a mini giveaway, hope u can join to support me. Do help to spread the word around.Thanks


    Lovely model u have here. take care and see u again some other time.


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