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To Celebrate the Valiant Souls, To Remember the Pain of War… Er, This is Hanny’s MW3 FOTD! ^.^ (Also, a non-Gamer Girl’s Review of the Single Player Campaign)

It’s not Hans Zimmer, but it’s good!

Methinks I have already established meself a girl who plays Modern Warfare. This is completely different as to being a gamer girl. Really. I’ve just finished Modern Warfare 3’s Single Player campaign, and I’ve only done it in recruit mode, dying about, say, 3-4 times per level MINUMUM.

So, what do I think about the game?

Two words, dear readers, two words:

BLOODY (or whatever expletive you prefer)


Of course, it would not be Modern Warfare without the necessary high-octane plot filled with explosions, plot twists, and even more bangs and booms.

Well, without giving too much away, you first find yourself fighting in New York City, which has crumbled into pieces with enemy fire (from the invasion you saw in the previous game, Modern Warfare 2), and you end in a hotel that looks similarly to the Burj Dubai where you ultimately kick the bad guy’s ass.

Now, through this time, you handle one mission after the other, and it’s all happy and when you least expect it (i.e.: when you’re near to the end of the level, something BAD happens). Also, this is the installment where almost ALL the characters introduced in the franchise dies.

Yes, even this guy. Remember him?

and this guy, sadly. (Frankly, I find this shot the best ones for Makarov out of the concept art, but seriously, you HAVE to hear his voice to know why I’m so crazy over him!)

(If you scream SPOILER at me for any reason, it is not technically a spoiler because it’s been a week since the game came out and the whole world already knows how the game ended so there)

Just to hear Makarov’s sexeh sexeh voice

As for the guns, there’s some new ones, if I’m not mistaken. The best one would be the ACR with Hybrid Sight. Seriously. I usually don’t wear my contacts/spectacles around the house, so sitting in some distance before the screen and being generally short sighted, the hybrid sight helps.

You also get to play with a new faction, which is Delta Force. (You can find info from the real world here). They’re American elites, and have worked with our boys from the 141 before. Please read below for my single rant regarding the plot:

There is only one thing that I want to say about this game, one negative that I must pronounce, so to speak.


(Gets calmed down by Soap’s ghost with a hug)

So, let’s get on with the FOTD, based once again on the logo of the game, as was in Modern Warfare 2.

I can see white, yellow, green and a little bit of black/brown from the picture, so that’s what I used.

MW3 Close I

First, apply a base color all over your eyelid. I went for a greyish one, because well, I thought of the colors of the gun so yeah. What I did was to layer a shimmering white eyeshadow all over a thin layer of black eyeliner.

Next, I applied a stark yellow to the inner corners of my eye. This corresponds to the lighter, yellowish-white edges of the letters in the logo.

MW3 Open I

The center of the lids is a light green that has a metallic finish to it. Blend the green slightly into the yellow. Overlap with more yellow if the color looks too faded.

MW3 Close II

Apply a matte, bright green to the outer part of the eyelids. Make sure all the colors blend seamlessly.

Now, mix a lighter matte green and a medium brown and apply then onto the crease in circular motions from the outside of the eye to the inside. Repeat if necessary.

Use the same mixture of colors to smudge the lower lashline as well.

MW3 Open II

Now, take any color similar to your skintone and apply it into the inner corners of your eye and the tops of your browbone to open up your eyes.

Line your eyes however you wish, add mascara, and you’re done!

MW3 Face

Since the look leans towards cool and it is a military-based look, I stuck with almost unseen pink blush and a neutral, but gold-ish lips. For that pinkish gold sheen, just add Mac’s Rose pigment onto your lips ever so gently.

Now, you have the Modern Warfare 3 FOTD to last you a year until the next Call of Duty comes out. Chances are, I’m NOT excited for it. heeheee Enjoy!

Products Used:

Eyes -

  • Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel Liner (Base and eyeliner)
  • Tarte The Jewelry Box Eyeshadow No 4 (White) (Base)
  • Tarte the Jewelry Box Eyeshadow No. 32 (matte green) (outer 1/3 of the eye)
  • Tarte the Jewelry Box Eyeshadow No 23+ 26 (matte light green + brown) (crease and lower lashline)
  • Clinique Sparkling Sage Eyeshadow (light metallic green) (middle 1/3 of the eye)
  • Shiro Cosmetics Pikachu Eyeshadow (bright yellow) (inner 1/3 of the eye)
  • Rimmel Sexy Curves Full Figure Mascara

Lips -

  • Chanel Rouge Coco in Organdi Rose
  • Mac Rose Pigment (gently applied with finger onto lips + blended well)

Face -

  • Red Earth Twice As Nice Blush in Pink Paris

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  1. Hanny! Loving the smokey green look- very pretty! =D


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