Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I’ve Got Mah Own Set O’ Neutrals And They’re Sure Ain’t Naked!

I have a on and off lemming with the Naked Palette from Urban Decay (and also Naked 2 has been launched outside of Malaysia too).

The problem for me is that whenever I see them Naked Palettes, I start to think: brown, beige, taupe, then move to their undertones in which they differ. However, when I get my butt over to Sephora stores either in KLCC or Starhill, what I think is: HALLELUJAH, THEY’RE IN STOCK, followed by: brown, brown and brown? WHY LA LIEDAT?? (Translated to: Why is it like that?)

That’s why I went on a search high and low eyeshadows from other cosmetic brands that would suit my needs better than 12 shades of brown. I knew that it was going to cost me more comparatively, but it would be a palette that I would go to over and over again.

So when Sukie came over, I decided to get myself an Inglot palette, as Inglot’s eyeshadows are cheaper than say, Mac, Bobbi Brown and Make Up For Ever, costing about RM 30 per color in their Freedom System Range.

Inglot Quad II

These are the colors that I got, and they belong to a 4 pan palette. Yes, it means that the next time I get eyeshadows from Inglot, I have to buy 4 at a time.

Inglot Quad No Flash

They look pretty matte without flash, but only the brown is matte. You’ll see in the picture below.

Ingot Quad Flash

See? Aren’t they lovely?

Inglot Swatch Gold 403 Silver Pearl 448 Brown Matte 363 Highlight Pearl 395

Here are swatches of them colors on my arm, and you can see that they’re really pigmented heh heh.

The gold is 403, the highlight is Pearl 395, the brown is Matte 363 and the silver is Pearl 448.

Inglot Eye Swatch Open II

Inglot Eye Swatch Close II

I did a quick and easy look with all four colors, and I discovered a tiny, tiny flaw with them colors for me. They don’t really stand out when blended or used over other colors for some reason. This means that you have to pack on more color for the opacity that you want. But I’m all right with that, as I’m not looking for a punch of color with these babies at all.

I wore only these eyeshadows all throughout my trip in China to test them out. With primer, they lasted for about 10 hours before creasing, and I consider it great in the realms of lasting power, seriously.

Also, the colors I chose are multi-functional. That matte brown shade can be used as a brow color for me, as well as a contour color for the nose! ^.^ Meanwhile, the gold can be used as a highlighter with a golden sheen with a light hand.

Retails at Inglot, Sunway Pyramid for RM 30 per color. 4 colors and the 4 pan-palette costs RM 148, meaning the palette itself costs RM 28.

Pros: Pigmented at first swatch, great lasting power, relatively affordable.

Cons: Loses pigmentation when layered.

Yes my dears, I’m getting better from my flu, but it doesn’t mean that I’m free at all. Summer School has started and I’ve barely gotten any work done! Ciao!


  1. I love how you chose such versatile colours my dear! Much better than the Naked palettes, methinks! :D

  2. It's all in the colors dahling! ^.^ Thanks for being there to choose them colors with me!

  3. Hey Hanny! <3 love reading your blog! we should share some beauty tips soon! <3


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