Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let’s Have Some Espresso!!! Review: Mac Espresso Eyeshadow

I am a coffee addict, and I embrace all things caffeine related except them colas. Kopi O Ice (Black Coffee with sugar and ice), check. Neslo (a mixture of Nescafe and Milo), check. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato (skinny, which is low fat milk and no cream), check!.

Kopi O Ice.

Neslo as Nestle packaged it. Seriously, the best ones are the ones that are mixed by hand. Bleh.

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato.

Of course, they are all coffee products, and so is this little baby down there! (Or not…)

Mac Espresso

All right, just because it has the name “Espresso” does not make it something that you can drink, but it does have a similar color heh heh.

Mac Espresso Swatch

It is the matte brown that we all need, and this darling is able to function as many things.

Mac Espresso Close I

It works for the brows! (I’ve been using this almost every day for my brows for about 2 months already!)

Mac Espresso Open I

It works as a soft, soft eyeliner.

Did you know that it can even work as eyeshadow?

Day IV Mushroom Open II

(See the full FOTD here)

Oh, and with the above picture, it works GREAT as a nose contour too! ^.^

On the brows, it lasts the whole day, while as an eyeshadow, about 14 hours max with primer (expect a little bit of creasing past the 12th hour if you have oily lids like me).

It is a beautiful brown to have, and I recommend you lovelies to march yourself to any makeup counter of your choice, and demand an eyeshadow either the color of your hair or one that is 3 shades darker than your skin.

Retails at RM 60. It is the most affordable among all high street brands discounting Inglot. 

Pros: Multi-purpose, long-lasting, rather easily available.

Cons: A little pricey.


  1. You have been raving about this eyeshadow for ages now and I'm so tempted to run out and get it!! :s Seeing it's such a versatile product and all.... I've got a lemming for this product now and it's all your fault! =D

  2. My dear, just grab any matte brown color that strikes your fancy! Does not have to be this one, definitely NOT for you, as I'm way way darker than you are!

  3. Woah! It's very natural! I wondered why I couldn't see any color on your eyelids at first, then I read it was meant to be a brow color. It's so natural I wouldn't think you were wearing makeup! :) xoxo... milktea

  4. Hello Milktea!

    Erm, it is meant to be an eyeshadow, but I used it for my brows. You can't see it in the photos because I used it for eyeliner. Heh heh. Blends into the lashes for a softer look, no?

  5. Wow! It looks so natural as a nose contour- awesome Hanny! =DD


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