Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion

Honestly, I got this baby on a whim. I wanted a liquid eyeliner that has a firmer tip than my Etude House one, and one that could last longer than the Revlon Colorstay one, so a trip down to Sephora I went!

UD 24-7 Liquid Eyeliner PerversionI

Actually I was going after the MUFE liquid liners, but the SA was being such a terrible biatch that I just went to UD. Our conversation went like this:

SA: (Huffy voice) Miss, what are you looking for?

Me: I’m looking for your liquid liners. May I ask how to they compare to the Urban Decay ones?

SA: Sorry wor, I dunno.

Me: Well, from what I’ve seen online, yours have a sponge tip and the UD one has a brush tip.

SA: Then up to your preference lo!

Well, in the end, it was UD who got my business. I usually am not picky about the services provided by SAs, but I seriously COULD NOT tolerate that woman that day.

Oh, and for you lovelies who frequent Sephora in Starhill, KL, do notice that the SAs for Clinique, Estee Lauder, Dior, Shiseido and MUFE do not work for Sephora. I’m not sure about Smashbox, Benefit and Givenchy, but the rest are manned by Sephora’s own SAs, who are friendlier than their other counterparts.

Heh heh, well, back to the star of the show.

UD 24-7 Liquid Eyeliner Perversion Brush

Lookit that brush, it’s so pointy and so, so fine!

UD 24-7 Liquid Eyeliner Perversion Swatch

The formula is black and shiny. Do be careful though, it will not dry as quickly as it should if you packed on too much product.

UD 24-7 Liquid Eyeliner Perversion Eyes

Seriously, this is the only liquid liner which could give my double winged tips without looking horrifyingly silly!

The best thing about this product?

Heh heh, it stays there even without primer, right until you want to take it off.

The second best thing?

It just flakes off when you wash it. No rubbing, tugging, pushing or pulling!


I like using this eyeliner when I want some definition on my lashes, but don’t want the drama. The fine brush is thin enough to get right IN the lashes, which is a feat that no gel liner can achieve.

Yes, I can live without my cat-eye liner, seriously.

Retails at RM 75 at Sephora Starhill and KLCC.

Pros: Fine tip for precise lines, lasts long, does not smudge/flake off.

Cons: A little pricy.


  1. i can't stand MUFE SAs too!!! *rant rant rant* other than that I really need to start learning how to use eyeliner as this sounds like a must-have!

    1. I know of your rant dearie. Haih, they are a necessary evil, no? Perhaps MUFE in KLCC would be better. Oh, and they've disappeared from 1 Utama's parkson, tis a strange thing happening >.<

  2. Very natural looking! :) Snooty SA is one issue, snooty and don't-know-about-product..! thumbs down :(

    xoxo.. milktea

    1. Heh heh thanks Milktea!

      Aiyo, she should have been more product savvy la. Shows that she does not mix with people from the neighbouring brands heh heh.

  3. I like how you applied it on your eyes! Very pretty! And I really dislike "I-can't-be-bothered-with-you" SAs- definitely bring your business somewhere else. =D


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