Sunday, February 19, 2012

Compony Logo FOTD: Formula 1

Let’s face it, when I started watching F1 races, it was because cars would bang into each other while trying to overtake one another. True, you get that with a lot of races, BUT, the Formula 1 races are the fastest in the world, so you don’t waste much time looking at cars going round and round in circles. ^.^

Perhaps this was because Malaysia has its own F1 Grand Prix, named the Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix, held annually at the Sepang International Circuit, which is usually the second or third GP every year. The circuit itself opened in 1999, which was more or less the year I started watching F1. Yep, I did so since I was eight.

(Psst, you know why I LOVE watching the Malaysian GP? Our circuit has PLENTY of straight lines meaning it’s easier to overtake, and more fun to watch too!)

Anyways, let’s focus on the colors of the F1 logo. Red, black and white.

These colors are NOT complementary to one another, I know, but whoever said that all FOTDs were meant to be worn out to be seen by the general public? I did this for fun heh heh heh.

F1 1-4

Step 1: Get a white base onto your eyelid. You want a white base because  if you are using white eyeshadow, which can be rather temperamental i.e.: going on patchy. With the base, you can make sure that the color stays true and it will not migrate here and there.

Step 2: Take a flat brush and trace out the pattern you see in the picture. It’s really easy. Stick your brush into your crease/socket line, trace it until you get to the end of your eyeball (trust me, you can FEEL it, just don’t wedge your eyeball out, alright?). From there, just wing it out. You don’t have to worry about keeping it neat, you can clean it up with the white in step 3.

Step 3: Dampen a pencil brush ever so slightly and swipe it into a pan of white eyeshadow. It can be of any finish, but make sure that you remember what corner you used or risk changing the texture of the entire pan. Apply multiple layers if the color is not opaque enough. Also, do try to clean up the lower edges of the black  line so that they appear slightly more uniform.

Step 4: Line your upper lashline and draw a second wing right at the outer corner of your eyes. Fill the space between both wings with the brightest red you have. Honestly, I decided NOT to use my burgundy color and went for … red LIPGLOSS instead, applied with a lipbrush.

F1 5-7

Steps 5-6: Define your brows and apply the same white eyeshadow on your lower lashline. Line the waterline with black eyeliner and apply false lashes.

Step 7: Use the same red lipgloss you used for the corner of your eyes on your lips and contour your face. This look is so WOW-ish, that you can’t really do anything for the cheeks. heh heh

I hope that you liked this look as I did. It’s my first true “creative” attempt, but yeah. Still needs work no?

Products Used:

Eyes -

  • Tarte the Jewelry Box Eyeshadow No 4 (white) (eyelid and lower lashline)
  • NYX Black Sparkle eyeshadow (black with shimmer) (crease/socket-line)
  • Tarte the Jewelry Box Lipgloss No 1 (bright red) (outer corner of eyes)
  • Generic fake lashes
  • Etude House Oh m’Eye Liquid Liner

Lips -

  • Tarte the Jewelry Box Lipgloss No 1 (bright red)

Face -

  • Revlon Photoready Foundation in 004 Nude


  1. That's one fierce looking FOTD but I like it!! I love how you picked up on the graphic liner trend and put it to good use! It resembles the Sepang Race Circuit in a way! =)

  2. Thanks dearie! Well, it's not that difficult to pick up, actually. You just need to remind yourself that it ain't easy to physically poke your eye out ^.^


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