Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hanny’s Eyeshadow Audit!

I was inspired to do a swatch board thanks to ksuan’s post on belle demoiselle. Also, I have audited my lipsticks before more or less the same time last year, so it’s time to do the same to my eyeshadows! 

Blue Green

Here are my blues and greens from the various palettes and singles I own. There are altogether 10 blues and 10 greens, including a teal that makes 21.

Purple Bronze Gold Yellow Orange

On the left you have my various purples, which number at 11, and my golds, bronzes, yellows and orange! (DANG I FORGOT MY SHIRO CHARMANDER!) This makes the latter category number at 10.

Pink Brown

Here, you have my pinks and browns. For someone whose go-to looks consist mainly of these colors, you’d imagine that I would have more of them. Seems like it’s a little bit different, with pinks numbering at 6, browns at 7.

Black Silver Grey

Lastly, the blacks, silvers and greys. I have 4 black shades (two shimmery and two matte) and four silvers as well as 2 greys hmmm…

So, what say you? Is 64 a number too big for a personal collection or too little for a blogger? Idk. I love each and every one of them and try to use them all hah hah hah.

Seems like I’m going to continue to use them even more!

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