Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hanny’s Makeup Class Foray! (Part 1)

Before Chinese New Year, my aunt called me and said: Han our makeup class is at 7 PM tonight.

I was immediately bamboozled. Makeup class? Me? Are you sure?

With half a raised eyebrow I followed my aunt to the housing estate where I used to live and went into the house where the classes were held.

The first day was more about the basics. How to put on foundation, concealer, with more “natural” colors to wear to work/class or even meeting friends in a casual setting.

Here are some general tips:

  • Start by applying foundation from the insides of the face outwards. Foundation should be thicker here and thinner towards the hairline.
  • Counteract reddish skin with yellowish foundations.
  • Highlight by using a shade of concealer lighter than your skin, forming an inverted triangle below your eyes, straight down the nose and on the chin. Blend it out.
  • You can correct any mistakes by dipping some cotton bud (Q-tips) into the foundation and rub it over the problem area i.e: eyebrows done wrong, smudged mascara.
  • The tail of the eyebrow cannot be lower than the start of your eyebrow. (This was a VERY interesting fact to me heh heh)
  • Apply blush from the hairline inwards to the point perpendicular to the point of the nose and the outermost edge of your iris. (During class, I actually took a RULER out to see what that point was)

We also learned about matching colors:

  • Contrary to Western ideals, you CAN match your eyeshadow to whatever you are wearing.
  • Match the lipstick to whatever eyeshadow color you are wearing. (Wait, WHAT?)
  • My lipstick choices are also too dark and bright. (Heh heh heh, personal choice, what to do?)

On eye makeup:

  • Apply a shimmery color as a base
  • Any color that matches whatever you are wearing
  • Add a darker color to the upper lashline and the outer V
  • To make eyes look rounder, hence “bigger” (which is a goal of many of us Mongoloid Asians), make sure that your eyeliner is thicker in the center of the upper lashline

Also: I had a MAJOR MAJOR revelation given to me which I CANNOT and WILL NOT ACCEPT:

I need double eyelid tape on my left eye.


I have bloody double eyelids!!!! *Sulks and cries in a corner*

All in all, this is a very good class. The teacher is very, very friendly and the classmates are well-mannered and funny.

I am still struggling with the eyebrow part. Two classes in and I’ve managed not to make such a “sharp” arch. *sighs*

Here are some looks that I came home with!


Makeup Class FOTD w Tape Open II

Makeup Class FOTD w Tape Close II

Makeup Class FOTD Face

(The double eyelid tape was SOOO obvious!)

Makeup Class Smokey Eye Open II

Makeup Class Smokey Eye Close II

Makeup Class Smokey Eye  Face

I find myself really applying what I learned in the classes, because they do not go against what I’ve learned from makeup artists like the Pixiwoo sisters and Lisa Eldrige. heh heh heh.

More will come on part 2! The next class will be sometime next month due to schedule conflicts. There will be a test at the end too! ZOMGWTFBBQ (just a long way to say OMG) I am DOOMED!

*Anyone offers eyebrow tuition classes? Am in need of it please!*

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