Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week In Photos Vol. 4 Back to School Edition~

It’s been a long, long 4 months since I’ve ended my first year of Uni, and I can’t wait to go back! (I’ve already picked out the shoes and clothes, as well as the earrings Imma wear tomorrow!)

While I’m writing this, my skin is absorbing layer by layer of skincare, my Mani is done, my ghastly one-color-per-toe Pedi has been literally scrubbed off, and I’m just waiting to dose off to sleep~

Now’s the perfect time to reminisce on the closing week of my summer holidays. (I know that it’s the height of winter in the Northern hemisphere, but since my Uni is an Australian one, the summer holidays have just ended heehee)


I went to my first 21st birthday party of the year last Saturday, it was my friend Amanda S.T’s birthday and we partied at her MASSIVELY beautiful house~ Thanks for inviting us, Amanda!


Mama Daforcena dragged us to browse for cars again. We went to Klang (a town not far from Kuala Lumpur) to search for THAT ONE SPECIAL CAR that’s in the picture! (It’s a no brainer really, the rest were out of our price bracket) We’re waiting for it to arrive this week!


We also spotted this ADORABLE iPhone cover at a techie mall near my house. The ears can move up and down!


On Monday, my digital piano finally worked (It had problems starting before)! I practiced the Prayer by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion all week. I have the melody and harmony down now, but there’s still itty bitty misplaced notes here and there >.< I also discovered that my range is from the E lower than the middle C to the E above it, which is only 2 octaves, which is 3 octaves short of Mariah Carey’s, because I could not sing the high notes hahaha!


Also on Monday, I started the Fruit Detox Round 2. This time the menu consisted of oranges, apples, mandarin oranges, mushrooms and celery. I got 2.5 kilo off and I plan to keep it that way. It is a sorry, sorry state of survival having no meat for 4 days straight >.<


On Friday afternoon, me mom treated me to Assam Laksa (a sour, spicy rice noodle dish) to mark the end of my detox, yay!


I scored these strappy heels from me mom because she could not wear them! Hahhahhah #SomuchWin! I will wear the beige one to Uni tomorrow, yay!

So, how was your week? I hope it was a great as mine, if not,  well, there’s always next week!

See Ya!

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