Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week in Photos No 5 (Feat. The Adventures of PandaMay!)

This week was the first week of school, and I had the greatest time meeting my lovely friends again! IMAG0310

However, being back to school means that I’m in my first semester of Year 2 of Uni, and meaning that I have to take the dreaded AUTHORSHIP AND WRITING unit, which, apparently is the KILLER of the Arts School in Monash. Wish me luck~

Oh, as for schoolwork. I PASSED MY ACCOUNTS UNIT! FINALLEH~ (With Walking Colors too! Why walking colors? Well, it’s not good enough to fly, er… as in, “pass in FLYING colors?)

Also, Mama Daforcena and my aunt got into the craze of making Huat Kueh (or Fatt Kou in Cantonese), and they went from this:


(no pointy tips, but tasty)

to this:


(pointy tips AND tasty!)

We ate Huat Kueh for supper and breakfast because they made SO MANY of them, luckily they stopped when success was attained weee~


Today we checked out the new tablet from Sony, the Sony Tablet S! It’s a PS1/PS2, iPad, Universal Remote, Netbook in one!


Why do I think it’ll PWN the iPad, because it was a USB jack and a SD card reader. Yes, you can expand the tablet’s memory!

(I did not buy this, but I did check it out with Brotha Daforcena FYI. Go to any Sony Center to check it out, it sells for RM 1399 for the 16GB and RM1799 for the 32 GB)



Lunch at Ikea! Hotdogs, ice cream and refillable coffee and soft drinks, yay!

*We interrupt this program from it’s usual transmission to bring you the “Adventures of PandaMay” featuring, PandaMay the China Doll Ambassador of Panda-dom from China!*

Hello folks! I’m PandaMay from China!! Ya see, when my Owner, Hanny Daforcena, went to the Chengdu Panda Base, she brought me home with her (rather forcibly, but she “paid” for me, so what is a Panda Ambassador to do? Frankly I rather stay home and be loved by 650000 Mainland Chinese [the ratio of Pandas to Mainland Chinese is 650000:1])

I spend my days roving around my owner’s little house, and following whatever she does, or wherever she goes!


PandaMay says: Bloody hell! This book (Authorship and Writing’s reader, according to my Owner, whatever that means) is BIGGER than I am! HELP! I’m soo… slee… ZZZZZ *Falls asleep before reading a word*


PandaMay asks: Does this pair of glasses make me look hipster? I was cool before racism appeared ya losers! I’m black, white AND Asian! ^.^



Hanny Daforcena says: In the end, I put that bloody bi lovely little angel into a laundry bag and chucked her into the washing machine! MUAHAHAH! Don’t worry, she’s fine, and all clean now!


PandaMay says: MUAHAHAHA~ Imma be the next Mozart, just watch me! (I’m playing the Prayer by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion BTW)


PandaMay on her new home in a home: I LOVE THIS PLACE! It’s so cozy the neighbors are a bit quiet though… Should I bring over a bamboo pie?

*We return to our normal programming henceforth, we apologize for any Panda-related mayhem*

So, how was your week? Do tell me! See ya next time!

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