Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: Eyeko Shadow/Pencil Liner Duo For Popstar Eyes in Teal/Electric Blue

Eyeko Duo Liner

I got this as a lil gift thingy when my dahling dahling Sukie won Lily’s giveaway way, way, back. Sukie decided to share her winnings with me and I receive a few products heehee! Thanks girls!

I’ve not opened most of them, but I jumped at the sight of this product. I’m all for eyeliners, and having a teal and blue one made me all giddy inside.

Eyeko Shadow Liner Duo B4

Woops, excuse the circle lenses!

This is how they look like on the skin! I put the blue on the waterline and the teal on the upper lashline. Also, to test if the product responds to “setting” with a powder, I topped the upper lashline with a similar-colored eyeshadow.

As you can see, the colors are really, really pigmented, and they are really, really smooth. You don’t have to tug and pull at it across your eyelids, a direct testament to how creamy the pencils are.

Eyeko Shadow Liner Duo After

Well, after the 13 hour mark, this is what you get. The upper lashline’s faded a little, but there is no creasing or smudging.

The waterline, however… is another story. In fact, the color travelled at the 6th hour, and I had to wipe the smudges tissues whenever they smudge. So if any one of you lovelies want to use this for the waterline, do remember to set it!

I’ve not used these as eyeshadows, but I will update you on that once I have done so!

Oh, somehow I can no longer find information of this product on the Eyeko website >.< It may be discontinued, sorry!

Pros: Pigmented, smooth, does not crease if set with eyshadow and used over primer.

Cons: Migrates under waterline without setting.

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