Friday, May 4, 2012

Hanny Asks You No. 2: What Do You Feel About Your Body? (Psst… Hanny Needs Your Help!!)

Hello and welcome to another installment of Hanny Asks You!

Well, methinks I should give you the backstory to this post first. Nine times out of ten, I get “lectured” by my mother on how “fat” I am. While that is a fact, I feel… different than what she tries to drill into my head. I look in a mirror and see a girl with a waist that many thin girls do not have (although I have a thick midsection that they don’t have either, HAHAHAHAHA), and so, I’m not really bothered to change anything. (I wear size XL comfortably in any commercial brand)

2012-04-14 19.33.41

(This is how I look in your basic RM 20ish free-sized dress)

However, as always, there are times when I feel a little insecure about this (who doesn’t?), and it usually gets worse when I tell stories about my friends finally hooking up after long periods in “market” as it was, and she’d say that I have not able been attract a guy due to how I look/dress.

I don’t really know what to do or how to classify my situation, but what I can tell you is that I’m between the “I’m happy so I can care less” and “La-di-dah, I’m in denial” lines of the spectrum?

Also, I know that the best way to lose weight is through exercise, but in Uni, when I have assignments due each week, and tests in between these, I just… don’t have the luxury of time at all to hit the gym or the pool at all (what with my car being at the workshop, waiting for spare parts, I now rely on my mom to get me to Uni and back >.<). Trust me, when people say Time Management is the key, that’s only applicable to people who HAVE the time.

2012-05-04 00.28.35

My assignment deadlines >.<” All of them require wide reading and research, amounting from 10% to 50% of the final marks. I only blog as a “reward” for reaching certain milestones for each assignment i.e.: the completion of research, reaching a certain word count. Heck, many FOTDs were taken FAR FAR in advance, or, during mornings of the days when I don’t have class at all.

So yeah, would be glad to get your input dear lovelies! Hanny is in a rut here >.<

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