Monday, May 28, 2012

A Haul Two Years In The Making: Hanny’s NYX Haul II!

NYX Haul 2012

It’s been a long, long time since my last haul (I’ve been broke since then HAHAHAHA~), and when the opportunity came in the form of Cherry Culture’s NYX promo (40% off on selected products), I jumped at it, even if it would take about 2 weeks to process (was there in the fine print). The shipping to Malaysia was about USD 11 though, so if you want to make a purchase, maybe split it with a few people or wait till a massive promo.

Well, enough rambling. Let me show you what I got!


(From left – NYX Eyeshadow in Redhead, Frosted Ocean, Kiss in Casablanca)

I got the red one out of necessity (can’t always rely on a single burgundy color for true reds in FOTDs), and the other two on a whim. Well, I got Frosted Ocean because I was looking for a deep royal blue, and Kiss in Casablanca was touted to be a dupe of MAC’s Freshwater, and was somewhat close to Nars’ Outremer (I WILL GET YOU ONE DAY, MY LOVE!!!), so I had to have it? I know I know, I have enough blues already, but… they’re all DIFFERENT!

NYX Black Label Ruby II

I also got meself a Black Label Lipstick in Ruby, because I didn’t have a true red lipstick. Most of mine are either gold-ish, berry-ish or vamp-ish! ^.^

NYX Haul Glitter

I also got these glitters, named Sparkling Glitter Powders or Glitters on the Go (on the underside label) to play with, so I can start making really FESTIVE looks when the occasion calls for it… er… somehow. Eh, you NEVER know when you need glittery lids, right? Or hair… or nails…

NYX Haul Swatch - ES   Lippie

(From left: Redhead, Frosted Ocean, Kiss In Casablanca. Lower swatch: Black Label Lipstick in Ruby)

Lookit these swatches! Can you imagine that pigmentation from the eyeshadows and the lippie? Go NYX!

NYX Haul Swatch - Glitter

(From left: Platinum, Just Green, Hot Pink and Ruby)

I don’t have any glitter bases, so these swatches were just applied with a slightly damp brush onto bare skin.

Heh heh, I think that I’m REALLY going to enjoy this haul! ^.^ I will post a review about these lovely items once I’ve played with them enough!

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